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The Evi Application For The iPhone 4S Provides An Excellent Voice Activated Search Facility

The new Evi application for the iPhone 4S provides users with a wealth of information which you can access by speaking to your phone. Unlike the built in Siri application the software cannot be used to send text message and e mails but it can prove an invaluable application for answering questions and providing you with facts and figures.

Evi on the iPhone 4S uses location based services on the phone to only give you information that it relevant to you. If you tell the phone that you want to eat some Thai food the software will analyse this request and provide you with list of restaurants and takeaways that are close to your current location. The application is developed by True Knowledge and the makers claim that the software has access to over a billion facts which means that a detailed response can be given to just about any question. Other voice recognition service may suggest conducting a web search as a response to certain questions while Evi will present you with a number of links that are relevant. Obviously the main selling point of the application is that it is voice activated however there may be circumstances where it is not practical to speak into your handset. For times such as these there is a text input mode available which enables you to simply type the question that you need an answer for. Evi also holds information on a huge number of locations all over the world. This means that you could be in the California or London and you should get accurate locations of a variety of services and amenities.

The Evi application for the iPhone 4S incorporates its own browser which means that when you want to click on a link you can do so without ever leaving the application. The software uses a very simple interface that is incredibly easy to navigate. At the bottom of the screen you are presented with a search bar with a microphone icon placed to the left hand side of it. When you want to ask your phone a question simply tap the microphone icon and speak into the phone. If you need to type the question then simply tapping on the search bar will reveal the keypad. Once you question has been analysed you are presented with a screen that resembles the conversation style format that is used by the messaging facility on the phone. Your question appears in one box and the reply in a separate box placed below it. If you want to ask a further question related to the same subject this will be placed beneath your first response and it continues like this until you have all the information you require. Each Evi response has a Like and Dislike button so that you can easily rate the answer to help the service improve in the future.

The Evi application is an excellent voice navigated search facility for the iPhone 4S. Not only does this great software provide accurate answers but it also provides you with relevant data relating to venues that are near to your current location.

The iPhone 4S and the HTC Sensation XE are available now.

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