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Comparing The Cameras And Operating Systems On The HTC One X And Samsung Galaxy S2

The Android operating system has recently overtaken iOS (Apple's smartphone and tablet optimised operating system) in terms of global market share. Two companies which play a massive part on the software's success are Samsung and HTC, both of which boast some of the best selling Android smartphones around the world. In this article I will take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the HTC One X, to see how these flagship smartphones stack up against each other when some of their key features are compared.

When choosing a new smartphone, many people will invariably look at the built in camera as one of the deciding factors. Both the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the HTC One X offer 8 megapixel cameras, so you can expect very good quality still images from both, as well as the ability to capture 1080p video footage. Along with a flash and various features like autofocus, image stabilisation and face detection, the cameras are relatively evenly matched. The only major difference is the fact that the HTC One X, being nearly a year newer than the Samsung, has a couple of impressive additions to its camera's spec list. These include the ability to capture slow motion footage, as well as the ability to capture still images whilst filming video footage.

Operating System
As mentioned, both the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the HTC One X have Android as their operating system, but each handset has a different version. The HTC One X is one of the first smartphones to ship with the new 'Ice Cream Sandwich' version, whilst the Samsung Galaxy S2 has the previous 'Gingerbread' instalment. Having said that, it has been confirmed by Samsung that the Galaxy S2 will receive an update to the new version in the near future. The new version of the software sees the biggest overhaul to the platform than any other version, with notable features including the ability to unlock your phone using face recognition in conjunction with the front facing camera, as well as Google Beam which is a wireless streaming service.

The HTC One X is without doubt one of the most exciting new smartphones out there. Having said that, the Samsung Galaxy S2 has by no means run its course, with strong sales continuing to this day. Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy S3 at some point in 2012, and this looks sure to follow in the footstep of its predecessor and will no doubt be one of the biggest tech releases of 2012, and will surely give the HTC One X a run for its money.

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