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A Closer Look At The Rdio Application For The HTC Sensation XL

The new HTC Sensation XL is a mobile device that boasts superior audio performance to many of its rivals thanks to the incorporation of Beats Audio technology. The handset really does excel when playing music files on the music player feature that is installed on the phone and a number of new applications that enable users to stream music to their device also benefit from this enhanced sound. We take a look at the revamped Rdio application that offers super features in this area.

Rdio has been available for several months now but many users found the interface more complicated than what was on offer with alternative applications. The developers took note of this and completely redesigned the app and the end result is very impressive. The main home page highlights tracks that are currently trending with other users and also a selection of new releases. This immediately gives users a chance to experience songs that they may not have ever heard before rather than opting to find artists and songs that they are familiar with. A number of social networking features have also been added which allow you to create your own profile and list your favourite tracks. You have the option to browse other users profiles and can even add them as a friend if they have similar musical tastes to you. This new version of the application also lets you control music playback directly from the lock screen on the Sensation XL which saves the user time and makes the whole user experience much easier.

The Rdio application for the HTC Sensation XL boasts a huge database of songs that cover all genres of music. Over 12 million individual tracks are available and users can choose whether to simply listen to their track of choice or compile a playlist that incorporates it. If you choose to make a playlist this is automatically available every time you log into the service. Rdio is a subscription based service but for a relatively small monthly outlay you have access to a massive selection of music. Once you have signed up you can even access the service from a PC or laptop so you can download music from the site and edit playlists that you have already created. If you find yourself hooked to the service there are even devices available that let you access the facilities on a television while linked to a home audio centre to give you the ultimate sound experience.

The new Rdio application offers some useful new features that make using the service a real pleasure. A massive selection of music is available and the new social features further enhance the appeal of the application. The HTC Sensation XL is the perfect mobile device to use with this service as the audio performance enables you to enjoy your music in the highest possible quality.

The HTC Sensation XL and the HTC Sensation XE are available now.

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