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Why Does My LG Cosmos Phone With Verizon Say "Goodbye" Every Morning?

The LG Cosmos phone from Verizon should ordinarily display the "Goodbye" message only when the phone is in the process of powering off. If you notice that the phone displays the Goodbye message every morning when you wake up, it means that it has frozen during the process of shutting down.
Several reasons may cause the LG Cosmos to freeze during shutdown. For example, the phone's operating software or firmware may be out of date, resulting in the breakdown of even basic functions like the phone shutting down. Alternatively, a problem with the phone's power supply may cause it to shutdown automatically, triggering a freeze because of the abruptness of the shutdown.
If the phone gets stuck on the "Goodbye" screen, the first step in regaining use of it is to get it off that screen. To do this, remove the battery from the back of the phone, which causes the phone to turn on. Replace the battery after five seconds and hold down the phone's "Power" button to turn it back on.
One way to prevent the error from recurring is to reset the phone's firmware. To do this, dial *228 from your LG Cosmos handset and press option "1." Wait on the line until the automated voice tells you that your phone has been reset, then hang up. You shouldn't wake up the next morning to find the "Goodbye" message displayed on the LG Cosmos.
If resetting the phone's firmware doesn't help -- for example, you discover that the problem has to do with the LG Cosmos' power source or another error entirely -- you must contact Verizon Support to procure professional repair, which may result in replacement of the device. To contact Verizon support, dial *611 from your LG Cosmos handset.

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