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Tetris And Little Empire - Two Great Free Games For Android Devices Like The Motorola RAZR

Thanks to the high quality screens and powerful processor boasted by many modern smartphones they are perfect devices for mobile gaming. The Android Marketplace is packed full of different games that will appeal to a variety of different users. We take a look at two of the best games available for Android phones like the Motorola RAZR that will not cost the user a single penny.

Strategy games are perfect for phone likes the Motorola RAZR as they provide a fun and addictive experience without requiring huge amounts of power to run the graphics. One of the best titles of this kind that we have discovered is the excellent Little Empire. This game requires players to build their own town in addition to managing an army to protect this area. This works very well as it neatly combines two totally different gaming genres. Another element that really appeals on this title is that it allows you to duel with another human player if you get bored of taking on the computer generated enemy. It really is hard to fault this game in the graphics department thanks to the wonderfully colourful landscapes and the ability to take a 3D view of the empire that you have built.

Perhaps one of the most exciting titles released in the last few months is Tetris. This game originally found fame in the nineties when it was released on the Nintendo Gameboy. The game has been revamped for its Android release and offers a wonderfully colourful interface that works well with the simple control mechanism that the title uses. Many Tetris imitations have been released over the years but this version is official and even features the famous music that spawned a UK chart hit. The principle behind the game is very easy, just stack your different shaped blocks on top of one another using as little space as possible. Obviously as you progress the blocks get faster but it is always a great challenge to try and beat your own high score. We played this game on the Motorola RAZR and found it just as fun as we did in the nineties and we can see this title becoming a huge success with phone users everywhere.

There are hundred of free games titles available for Android phones like the Motorola RAZR but the two that we have highlighted here are what we believe to be the very best available.

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