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Why The Motorola Photon Is Top Of Its Class

Over the summer, Motorola premiered a variety of new phones and accessories that wowed smart phone enthusiasts. Perhaps no other phone was more impressive than the Motorola Photon. Owing to its design, graphics, and operating system, this phone has been claimed to be one of the best running the Android platform, and for good reason.

Even turned off, the Motorola Photon demands attention. Its ultra-thin appearance and cut-off edges give it the futuristic look that is often sought in the smart phone market. it is a phone that is capable of a great many things, and flaunts this is in its design. In addition to the camera, microphone, and ubiquitous Motorola logo, the back of the phone features a kickstand, which is a unique feature for a cellular. This kickstand can be used on the left or right side, and can also be synced to activate the clock or homescreen when flipped out. Behind the back cover lies the processors, as well as the SIM card port and a microSD slot to expand on the device's 16 gigabytes of memory.
The front of the phone utilizes Gorilla Glass, a new type of glass that is extremely strong and resistant to breaking when dropped. A user will be glad to have this, since it assures their phone will be in working order for years to come. The dual core processing speeds give it an array of brilliant colors at blazing fast speeds. These technological innovations can be used anywhere, since the phone has 8 different radios built-in. This means that the Motorola Photon is a global phone, one that can be used on a variety of different frequencies around the globe. The 4G speeds allow for lightning fast downloads, and the reception is as clear as any phone by Motorola. Its many uses are bolstered by its battery life, which approached 30 hours of idle time in one test, as well as 5 hours of continuous use.
The Motorola Photon runs on the latest version of Gingerbread, an Android-developed software. This operating system does not try to bring forth any vast new changes, instead utilizing the already-popular interface users have come to enjoy. With 7 home screens and 4 docks, the phone will service any and all needs on its many custom apps.
There are a myriad of smart phones on the market today. Some are famous and ubiquitous, while others are lesser-known but still made with quality and purpose. It is difficult to know which phone works best for a consumer, yet Motorola has pulled out all the stops with the Photon. Because of its bevy of new technologies, it is a phone made with every consumer in mind.
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