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Siri for the iPhone 4

Apple's new smartphone the 4S is making waves in the mobile phone world. It packs a 1 GHz dual-core processor. It sports an 8 megapixel camera that is capable of recording videos in 1080p. It comes with a 3.5 inch retina display that put its predecessor the iPhone 4 on the map. However, there is one feature that sets the Cupertino firm's new smartphone from the rest. This is the voice-controlled virtual assistant Siri. Since this new feature is creating such a craze among Apple enthusiasts you might be wondering if the app will be made available for older devices.

On the internet, a hacker was able to make the application work on the 4th generation iOS-powered smartphone. The first step was to jailbreak the iOS 5 running on the 4S. After which, he copied files on Apple's new handset that is required to make the virtual assistant work on the phone's predecessor. This also allowed him to make the application work on the iPod Touch.
Since this hacker was able to make Siri available for previous iOS-powered devices, you may be wondering if Apple has any plans of making the app available for the iPhone 4. Soon after a jail-broken version of the app hit the internet, there were reports that the Cupertino firm was testing the feature on previous models. The news excited iOS enthusiasts. However, this was but a dream.
Recently, Apple made its position clear on its personal assistant app being ported over to older devices. Unfortunately, it is not good news. According to the Cupertino-based tech giant, it would not be making the application available to their 4th generation smartphone anytime soon. This means that the app would stay exclusive to their new handset.
Although the 4S comes with impressive hardware and the latest iteration of the iOS, Siri does not come with highly demanding system requirements. This is one of the reasons why the hacker was successful in making the feature available for the iPhone 4. So what could be the reason behind keeping it exclusive to the new phone?
The answer is simple. Since Siri is a feature that makes this new addition to iPhones so unique, they would like to keep it that way. This will entice the consumer to choose to purchase the smartphone instead of just downloading the app for previous models. Like any business, this strategy is bent on amassing revenues from the sales of the 4S.
You might be asking yourself, "Will Siri ever be available for the iPhone 4?" Honestly, there's no way of telling what the Cupertino-based firms plans to do. All we can do now is hope.
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