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Nokia Lumia 800 Review Unravels The First Nokia Phone Empowered By Windows Phone

Nokia has been a top-notch mobile phone manufacturer that has successfully wooed the mobile lovers with incredible handsets. The most appealing factor that has made the Nokia fans to go gaga over Lumia 800 is its operating system. This is the first move taken by Nokia, to dump Symbian and make the Lumia to run on Windows Phone 7.5, the latest Mango version. The Nokia Lumia 800 review spells out that Nokia has taken the giant leap of rolling out in the market the Lumia powered by the Mango, to appease the mobile lovers.

It is indeed a bold step taken by Nokia to make Lumia 800 to run on the latest version of Microsoft Windows Phone software, which actively supports multi-tasking. The home screen dynamically displays a wide range of information like the messaging and the mail tiles blurting out the unread messages and mails, that you need to check. The users can pin their choicest applications, snaps, contacts on the home screen to use it as short cuts. The new operating is fun, and the users can enjoy a number of applications. The Nokia Lumia 800 review also reveals how the mobile enthusiasts can enjoy free music streaming via the Mix Radio. The onboard navigation software is quite commendable.

In terms of design, the Lumia is eye-catching and robustly built. The display offers captivating view as the 3.7 inches AMOLED capacitive touchscreen of the smartphone with Gorilla Glass display and Nokia ClearBlack display paves the way for it. The camera of a mobile phone has been a scoring point. Though the Lumia incorporates 8MP camera, the front-facing camera is missing, depriving the users of the facility to engage in video conferencing in Skype or make video calls. However, the Carl Zeiss Tessar lens is commendable in making the Lumia to capture top-quality snaps in low light condition.

The avid mobile lovers can read a HTC Radar review and find out that HTC, its biggest competitor has armed the Radar with a secondary camera. The new smartphone from the stable of the big brand HTC is impressive with its look and performance. With the aid of the Widows Phone 7.5 OS, the Radar is power-packed with good features. Keeping in mind the targeted niche that HTC is aiming to satisfy, the Radar lives up to the expectations of the mobile enthusiasts, except its few foibles. Reading up a HTC Radar review will enable the mobile lovers to have a thorough understanding of the new HTC smartphone.

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