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How to Use Myxer on a Verizon Phone

 Use Myxer to customize your cellphone with different ring tones. Though you can download ring tones to your PC and upload them manually to your Verizon Wireless phone, Myxer allows you to download ring tones directly to the device. The direct download feature, however, is only compatible with Web-enabled cellphones. Navigate to Myxer’s mobile site, select your preferred ring tone and save it to your phone in a few hassle-free steps.

Open the Web browser on your Verizon cellphone and navigate to m.myxer.com.
Navigate through Myxer’s ring tone selection and choose the one you want to download to your phone. You can also use the search bar to locate a specific ring tone.
Tap “Download.” Myxer downloads the ring tone to your phone.
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