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The Apple iPhone 3GS Takes Mobile Phones Into A New Dimension

Apple has done it again with the Apple iPhone 3GS. The company has constantly delivered when it comes to consumer electronics and Apple has yet to disappoint with its latest outings of laptops, tablets, and iPods.

The iPhone 3GS is a one of a kind innovation that gives you mixed feelings. Although there is plenty to like, there are things that will also disappoint. To start things off you will hear about the bad news and end with the good news.

Apple has been consistent with its releases but the iPhone 3GS lacks some of the pizzazz that the other Apple products have generated. Sure there are high-tech features that can change the way you experience your mobile device but somehow there is something lacking with its plastic feel and configurations. For the new Apple user, navigating the screen and the different icons will become tedious and would take some time to get used to.

The 3GS has a lot of things in common with a lot of other smart phones that are currently available on the market. Apple only has the vibe of exclusivity that other phones can only dream of imagining. Others have caught up with the technological advancements of the 3GS. There is very little different among the current array of mobile devices that are out on the market now.

Enough of the bad news here are the good things that you will find on the iPhone 3GS.

The 3GS has GPS assistance that can help you get through traffic or if you are lost in the middle of an unfamiliar street or country. The digital compass will assist you whenever you need directions. The 3GS also has a 8 GB flash drive to store your music and files in. The phone has the capability to display different kinds of languages and characters at the same time. The adaptability of the language display will give foreign nationals the chance to use their iPhones in their home tongue.

The 3-megapixel camera delivers superb resolution when you take pictures and shoot videos. It has an auto-focus function that allows you to zoom in and capture a priceless moment. You can record a video of up to thirty frames per second with the iPhones camera.

The touchscreen allows for ease of use and the phone has a finger print resistant oleophobic coat to prevent damage to the touchscreen capability of the phone. You can browse your favorite sites and watch your favorite videos on the iPhone 3GS.

You can also view different kinds of files on your 3GS. You can view power point files, rich text files, PDf files, Microsoft documents, and different kinds of images. You can also enjoy your favorite tunes because of the high tech audio features.

There is plenty to like about the 3GS but due to the fast paced development of the mobile device industry, it is better to wait for other models that offer better features. But if you are itching for an iPhone fix then you can buy this phone at an affordable price.

Thanks to the release of the iPhone 4s, iPhone 3GS deals are now cheaper than ever before. There is also a range of the best iPhone 4 deals to consider as well which are now easily affordable.

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