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How to Use the Navigator Function on an LG enV2

The LG enV2 phone is capable of downloading VZ Navigator, which is Verizon's navigation program. VZ Navigator speaks to you when you need to turn and when you have arrived at your destination. In addition to street maps, VZ Navigator features bike and walking routes. VZ Navigator also will change your route to avoid upcoming traffic jams.

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Go to your LG enV2 Menu and select "Get It Now." Look in the "Travel" category to find the VZ Navigator program and download it. You can also go to VZ Navigator Web page on the Verizon Wireless website on your phone's browser to download the program.
Go to "Get It Now" in the phone's menu and select "Get Going." Select "VZ Navigator" and click "OK."
Select "Navigation" on the VZ Navigator main menu, and then select "Find Destination."
Click "Address" to enter your destination location. Enter the street, city, state and ZIP code. Click "OK" to start the navigation. You will hear audible instructions for each turn.
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