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How to Tell When a Cell Phone Battery Has Water Damage

When your cell phone's battery comes into contact with water, the mineral impurities in the water allow electricity to cross barriers on the circuit board, which can cause significant damage to the battery. While this damage isn't always evident, especially in an enclosed device like a battery, water will leave a few tell-tale signs. Since there is no way to safely open a battery to determine if it has water damage, all you can do is a full visual inspection of the battery and the cell phone.

Remove the battery cover from the back of the cell phone, and then remove the battery from the device.
Look along the edges of the battery for a small white, pink or red sticker. On some batteries, this will be on the outside of the battery case, while on others, it may be behind a shield of clear plastic. If the sticker has any pink or red in it, the battery has come into contact with enough moisture to set off this indicator and has water damage.
Observe the metal contacts on one side of the battery. Water damage will cause corrosion, which is a breaking down of the metal components. This will appear as a green or white growth on the battery's contacts.
Look at the metal contacts on the phone itself, where your battery comes into contact with your phone. If these are corroded, it is a good sign that your battery has water damage, even if the corrosion doesn't appear on the battery contacts.
Observe the battery recess on your cell phone. Many phones have an additional moisture indicator on the inside of the recess. If this is pink or red, it is also a strong sign that the battery has water damage, even if there are no signs on the battery itself.
Be aware that some battery water damage indicators, like those on many BlackBerry devices, will always have some red on them, and should only be considered to have water damage if the entire sticker is red. Consult your device manufacturer for specific details about what how their water damage indicators operate.
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