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How to Program a Dedicated Voicemail to the Motorola Q9

One of the convenient features of your Motorola Q CDMA smartphone is a dedicated voicemail service. Like other Windows Mobile devices on the Verizon wireless network, your device receives a voicemail account when you activate a new line. Periodically, you may need to program the device to use your voicemail system. It's easy. You merely need to obtain your voicemail phone number (which is different from your phone number) and enter it into the device's settings.

Dial "611" on your device to reach Verizon Wireless customer service. Request the voicemail access number for your device.
Program the number into your phone. This step is the same for the Moto Q and other Windows Mobile devices. Click "Start," "Settings," "Call Options" and locate the entry labeled "Voice Mail Number."
Enter the phone number given to your by Verizon Wireless customer service. Include the "1" in the area code. For example, enter "15554554555" instead of "5554554555." (Do not use this number. It is made up.) Click "Save."
Press "End" to return to the device's home screen. Press and hold the "1" button to access the voicemail system. Be prepared to select a PIN and set your greeting. Follow the prompts to set up your PIN and voicemail greeting. Callers now will be able to leave messages for you. Press and hold "1" for a few seconds to listen to your messages.
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