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How to Export Contacts From the LG ENV2

Verizon Wireless cell phones like the enV2 do not use a SIM card to back up the contacts. You can export your contacts from your enV2 using a free application called Backup Assistant. The app does not come installed on the enV2, but you can download it through the Media Center on the phone. Backup Assistant will export your contacts to the Verizon Wireless website. When you activate and run Backup Assistant on your new phone, the numbers will transfer from the site into the device.

Difficulty:Moderately Easy1
Open the main menu on the enV2, and select "Media Center."
Open "Browse and Download," and select "Get New Applications."
Select "Business Tools / Information" and highlight "Backup Assistant."
Click "OK" to install the Backup Assistant software.
Follow the on-screen instructions. The application will prompt you to back up your contacts.
View your contacts by logging into your My Verizon account at verizonwireless.com on a computer and clicking the "Backup Assistant" link.
If you take the device you want to transfer the contacts into and the enV2 into a Verizon Wireless store, a representative can transfer the contacts for you using a special machine.
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