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Does Verizon Block Google Voice?

Verizon does not block Google Voice. In fact, Google Voice makes an app for phones sold on the Verizon network, including BlackBerrys, Android devices and iPhones. Google Voice allows the cellphone user to make calls, send messages and receive voicemail all through Google Voice. Sending messages through Google Voice is free, unlike sending a text message on your phone.

To access Google Voice on your Verizon smartphone, go to m.google.com/voice on your phone's browser. Google Voice can be accessed directly in the browser, or you can download the mobile app from the same website. If you have the iPhone, you can download the app from the App Store. After you open the Google Voice mobile page, log in to your Google Voice account.
In your Google Voice inbox, you will find text message conversation history and transcribed voicemails. To access your inbox, touch "Inbox" at the top left of the screen. "Transcribed voicemails" is a unique feature that puts a recorded voicemail into words for you so that you can read it like email. Read a conversation and reply to a message by touching a conversation.
Touch the Compose icon at the top of the screen -- it has the image of a writing pad and pen on it. Enter a number under "To" or touch "Choose Contact" to access your phonebook. Touch the large blank field under "Message" to compose your message. Press "Send" to send the text.
Touch the keypad symbol on the top row of the screen, which features three rows of three numbers, to use the keypad and dial a phone number. Enter the number you want to dial, either domestic or international, and then press "Call." Press "Call" again when your phone prompts you. International calls are subject to Google Voice's per minute charge. To access your contact information, press the Contacts icon at the top of the screen, which features an outline of a man's head.
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